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A Guide to the Left Wing Messages within Summer Movies

WARNING: THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE is without a doubt THE Hollywood Left propaganda movie of the summer.

If you want a textbook Left Wing propaganda film this is the movie to see. Done in the classic agit-prop style of Brecht, Eisenstein, Goebbels and Clifford Odetts, the purpose is to prepare you to accept the past accusations against Bush and the Republicans, and in the coming months to embrace the political messages that will be tossed your way by the various super Left revolutionary movements. In the classic Marxist formula for social realism, the heroes are "working class" (in this case ex-GIs from Gulf War I) while the government (Bush) and business are arch villains. Facts mean nothing within a work of fiction. This movie twists every fact, every Bush ad, and with Meryl Streep as an ├╝ber bitch John Ashcroft or Gestapo Chief Himmler or KGB Chief Beria in full flower you WILL GET THE MESSAGE. She is total evil and represents business and Bush.

Keep in mind that YOU are the Hollywood Left's object of cinematic post hypnotic suggestion should you choose to see this deliberate effort to manipulate your perceptions.

The Manchurian Candidate is a "twist" of the 1962 movie of the same title in which the villain was the Communist Chinese who placed two GIs back into the states who would be triggered by a buried hypnotic suggestion and turned into assassins completely brainwashed to take orders from their Communist controller. A particular politically connected GI was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor by the tricky commie rats and the plot is set in motion. (I know, a stupid plot that was never believable and the movie lost its ass) The trigger phrase, "Raymond, why don't you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?" when uttered by the American controller, created a human robot set to kill a the Republican Candidate for President of the U.S.

In this twisted remake the villain(s) are the oil companies and the White House. You will be entertained by a good story and good acting, but its purpose is to have you come out of the theatre supposedly prepared for the Democratic message that the Bush White House went to war in both Afghanistan and Iraq over oil, oil pipelines in Afghanistan, and oil companies. It is intended as an anti 9/11 Report, an off the wall attack on both Bush and the Patriot Act, a George Soros view of the "real" reasons we went to war and it does its job very well; unless you have the facts and don't believe it. BTW the movie is so over the top that it is even less believable than the original.

Way worse in its insidious manipulation than Fahrenheit 9-11, because this is a big money feature film with big stars and lots of techno camera stuff. This is the Hollywood Left going back to its agit prop Communist past. Stay alert. Note that ALL the "liberal" critics just love it. Late Add: I go to work around 4AM so I missed the Frank Rich trash job. Even Frank Rich, the guy who attacked Gibson without ever seeing Passion of the Christ, the most Left of all critics, sees, after seeing the movie, that this is pure propaganda for the Hate America Left. Problem is that kids, college kids, and other vulnerable people will believe it. He also points out that all corporate heads at Paramount and owner Viacom are hard core Lefties, as are Streep and bit player Al Franken.

Should you think I am paranoid, understand the essence of good propaganda is not to so much send a message but to prepare the mind to accept messages delivered from other sources; government, political movements, media. It is no secret that the Left controls the movie business absolutely and they view all "art" as a weapon in the "class war." They are descendents of the Stalin and Goebbels propaganda machines and they haven't changed. Hollywood is almost 100% the offspring of the Stalinist propaganda "rules" which have produced some really good movies, particularly here and in England. The French "reds" fucked it all up as usual by being obvious and boring. Nobody likes "downer" endings.

Very late add: for those of you linking from Roger L. Simon, Bill Quick, or are regualr with me, go to Kim duToit for an hysterical display of a real man who can't sell out.....Shit, he can't even rent out. He accepts an ad for Manchurian Candidate and then attacks it like a fedayeen on meth.

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Why isn't Mccain in the leading role?

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