An add to my opinions of the Republicans can be summed up at Club for Growth piece HERE. As they point out, the losers just don't get it, with many of them looting PAC money and their own campaign money.Club for Growth filed a complaint today with the Federal Election Commission against Congressman Joe Schwarz, the Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP) and the Republican Mainstreet Partnership PAC for what it described as “numerous” violations of election laws and regulations.

The complaint describes widespread evidence of illegal coordination between the Schwarz campaign and the RMSP PAC, acceptance of up to $465,000 in illegal donations from the RMSP or the RMSP PAC by the Schwarz campaign, flaunting of the “stand by your ad” provisions in FEC regulations by Schwarz and RMSP PAC, and other violations.

Good riddance to a bunch of very bad apples. Yesterday's post:
I share the anger that Maryland voters expressed and I voted Democrat this time and would have done the same in Maryland had Jesus Christ designated himself Republican. You talk about a return to Conservative principals. I suggest to you that none of those slime ball Republicans ever had a shred of Conservatism in their bloodstream, unless stealing money, "earmarking" my tax dollars, stealing property, and cozying up to lobbyists are true Conservative Principals, which I fear they actually may be. None of us will ever forget this sell out, which is what it has been, and the Democrats are going to have to screw up big time for us to vote for "Conservative Principals" ever again. Hell hath no fury like a conservative scorned, Don't tread on Me, and lying Republican is a redundancy. Get it?

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