Bad News for Hollywood: Dreamgirls is taking up all the oxygen in the room, something that will hurt all the other movies opening in late December. It's been years and years since a movie has caused this kind of buzz and excitement. Only problem: it's a musical. Will young people sit for a musical? The ones in my family think Singin in the Rain is total yuk, won't watch more than five minutes of My Fair Lady, and simply tune out over musical movies. We'll see, but the adult audience will keep this movie in the half a billion class, at least. And the obvious short changing of Jennifer Hudson (not a mention on the billboards or ads---YET) and the press trying to start up a fued between Beyonce and Hudson is just more ink.


Anonymous said...

Two words: Cop Rock.

Xiaoding said...

Only musical I can stand is South Park. This turkey is gonna bomb. It will do ok on DVD's, though. Musicals suck.