Gwynyth Paltrow, the hot actress who loves the sophistication of London,especially when compared to the Wild Wild West (The USA), has turned against our vicious land of her birth. She clearly implies that we gringos are a bunch of violent street thugs ready to kill anyone who dares venture out at night, while Gwennith's London by comparison, is safe as a mommy's womb. Well here’s some views of Londonistan that you can throw in the faces of those rich Hollywood elites who live in London safely sealed from the awful world. Essayist John Cooper wrote a piece that appeared in the Times of London called, Extremism Rules where passivity flourishes in which he outlined the "white guilt" that is pervasive in England and is one of the causes of the "crime wave" overweaming all of Britain.

Thomas Sowell wrote a piece called, “Is Britain Simply a Land Fit for Criminals? Recently there was a bloodbath outside a London McDonald’s as a result of a gang shooting where two were killed; Theodore Dalrymple relates the tale of the Congolese immigrant, a churchgoing university student of mathematics, killed after asking 12 youths making noise outside his apartment building at night to go away, since he needed sleep. Outraged and intoxicated, some returned later and stabbed him to death. In Gwynyth's peaceful London 1,200 stabbings occurred last year without a call for knife control. Apparently everyone but Gwynyth knows about the Brit soccer mobs that terrorize entire countries. Cooper's essay details the witness intimidation problem that has resulted in 30,000 criminal cases collapsing each year. England is awash with books telling of the fear in which law abiding Londoners live; of having to drive in black cars else they get pelted with eggs at virtually every street corner; Thomas Sowell reports that Britain's crime rate has risen to the point where, for the first time, it now exceeds the crime rate in the United States (how’s them numbers Gwynyth?). Any Google search of Crime in Britain will yield horror stories ad nauseam about the reign of terror going on there, and I haven't even covered the Muslim violence, especially against lonely women.

Watch out Gwynyth, don’t ride alone in your limo at night.

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Anonymous said...

No, Howard, we should encourage her to ride around at night; maybe even take the underground by herself at night.