When it's Rosie vs The Donald it's going to be like the Nazis vs the Jews, and Trump will play the part of the Jews. A former president of SAG, George Murphy (also a U.S. Senator), once told me at a seminar for producers, "Don't ever pick a fight with an actor. You will lose. The actor has access to all the media on a daily basis. He will destroy you." This was in the context of negotiating pay or a violation of a contract, but it is a universal truth. Rosie has a daily show. She has a blog. Nuff said.

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Brendan said...

Yes, Rosie has a blog, but true to her cowardly form, she won't allow readers to leave comments.

Here's a poem in the vein of the many that litter Rosie's blog; sadly, it's much better than anything Rosie could write:


i dont know punctuation
or capitalization

but i love to pose
and put on airs

as if i were e e cumings
or adrienne rich

it'll take no one unawares
but i'm nothing more than a bitch.


You're welcome, Rosie!