I had no idea that the current Clooney borefest (the Good German) was actually a remake of Casablanca but according to Libertas, it is. So get this: the Nazi officer looking for Ingrid's husband, Paul Henried, is now a misunderstood Nazi who is only in Africa to save it from the horrible Americans. And Rick? Why he is the typical U.S. businessman exploiting local labor.............How do people get money for something so insane? They get it from their left wing gazillionaire pals like Soros and Lewis who hope to lose money so as to convince the yet to be convinced that since Soros and Lewis will risk anything for "the cause," so should they. That remake idea still set in Africa is a loser.

Now a remake of Casablanca set against the collapse of the Mayan civilization would have worked just like Apocalypto. I can see it now, Rick (Brad Pitt) running through the jungle as he's chased by 150 snarling natives all wearing swastika arm bands and yelling Mayan words like "kike, sheenie, Jew boy bitch" and stuff like that, all while Rick's sex starved girl friend (Jennifer Anniston) and bastard son (Ralphie from the hit porn film: "Little Dickie") cower at the bottom of a hundred foot pit as huge phallic snakes lick their chops and Anniston's legs start to spread.....Now that's box office and you can always toss in an ancient Mayan oil rig or something to make an environmental statement.

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