Normally, if some Brit royalist piece of shit shot his mouth off about our citizens I'd be pissed. However, Lord Monckton, the fucking Viscount of fucking Brenchley, has written a letter to Senators Rockefeller (D-WV) and Snowe (Rino-Maine) which blasts these Left Wing abortion survivors all to hell for their attempt to strong arm Exxon Mobil executives. Why would "our" government attempt to hurt Exxon or destroy the executives? The letter informs said company and execs that should they dare publish or cause to be published any information that so much as hints an opinion not held by our government about Global Warming that action will be forthcoming. Using royal language the Viscount wrote:

"You defy every tenet of democracy when you invite ExxonMobil to deny itself the right to provide information to 'senior elected and appointed government officials' who disagree with your opinion."
I'd interject here that American companies are already afraid of our government so none of them dared stand up to Stowe and company.
"You acknowledge the effectiveness of the climate skeptics. In so doing, you pay a compliment to the courage of those free-thinking scientists who continue to research climate change independently despite the likelihood of refusal of publication in journals that have taken preconceived positions; the hate mail and vilification from ignorant environmentalists; and the threat of loss of tenure in institutions of learning which no longer make any pretence to uphold or cherish academic freedom."
You can read the entire letter here, but keep in mind that Leftists are actually calling for the arrest and prosecution of skeptical scientists. We should begin calling the Left the yet to be elected Fascist Elite.

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