PC Christmas in SoCal

Asswipes Christmas: Christmas cheer for the kiddies. I have a very large extended family and every Christmas Eve we all get together. There are about 25 children, of which 12 are below age 10. One of them, nobody knows who, decided it would be great fun to go around the neighborhood "caroling," you know, singing all that shit about Baby Jesus and Santa. One adult went along with a camera to capture the "cute" moment. Not so fast. This is PC America. This is SoCal, the Left bastion of correctness. The children went to five houses. Four of the homeowners slammed the door in their faces. Only one came to the door with a family, listened to the kids and then applauded. Did the kids get their feelings hurt? No, they just thought the door slammers were, as a seven year old put it, "asswipes."

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