For those of you following the Duke Case, there is a comment posted on KCs site today that can't be linked, but is so articulate and right on that I'm posting it below. It is in response to a petition of "support" that just came out, like when it's safe, and bears reading

The petition is a good thing. It certainly is helpful that the number of signees are far more numerous than the number 88. But what it doesn't speak to is the damage already done to the accused students, their families and to the other members of the lacrosse team. And it doesn't really deal with the appalling lack of honesty on the part of those that say they always supported the presumption of innocence.

Here is what a presumption of innocence sounds like.

"Our students have denied the allegations. Until such time as it is proved otherwise, we presume they are telling the truth, they remain students in good standing and the lacrosse team can resume its season."

That is the presumption of innocence. Writing a letter thanking the pot banging students for marching outside the house of the accused students with a giant banner saying "castrate" is not a presumption of innocence.

Standing by while the reputations of the accused are dragged through the mud by Duke professors and members of the national media is not a presumption of innocence.

Saying nothing while the families of the accused are forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to prove their innocence in what very early on was a transparent hoax is not a presumption of innocence.

Canceling the entire lacrosse season and firing the coach is not supporting the presumption of innocence.

The explanation that Duke has to listen to many voices is insufficient. Cowardice in the face of injustice is not a reasonable defense. It is only cowardice.

The failures that occurred here were not made in a vacuum. The assumptions that underly these failures are still present and influence the rest of the decision making that goes on at Duke.

Do you think there will be any retribution for the "mob of 88". Will they have their merit increases lowered, will their departments suffer, will their treatment of students be subject to any scrutiny.

The answer has already been given. They have been placed in positions of authority on the CCI and they have been publicly defended by the provost of the university.

There is a need for some serious soul searching on the part of the Duke faculty and administration. Until that takes place the school will continue to be the recipient of public condemnation.
Great comment.

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