FLASH: Speaking from a Nurenburg beer hall, Hitler proclaimed "any interpretation of my deeply religious work, Mein Kampf, as being anti-Semitic is not only your bigoted opinion, it shows your own hatred toward Jews."

That kind of reasoning perfectly describes the latest Duke faculty ad that was published this morning. The despicable ethics of what is becoming a near majority of the Duke faculty is now on display for all to see. One of the things contained within the new ad that has to strike everyone who reads it, besides the arrogance and misstatements, is that while these people proclaim their own pious purposes for the original "88" ad, they further claim that those attacking it are attacking through their own unconscious evil POV.


Let's cut to the chase here. Most of our "elite" universities teach what is called "deconstructionism" as the only way to evaluate art, literature, movies, and even philosophy itself. It offers any writer a total cop out if confronted with something. "Deconstruction" teaches, among other asinine things, that nothing written means anything other than what the reader says it means to the reader. And because all readers are imprisoned in their own social condition of racism, sexism, and capitalism, they interpret everything they read as either conforming or not conforming to their own agendas. All of which means, "anything you read means whatever you say it means."

Under the deconstuction theory this means that the "88" were attacked by a bunch of bigots who deliberately "constructed" the original heartfelt and honest ad to suit their own racist, sexist, and criminal agendas. That is the result of the "deconstruction" theory of all literature as it applies to the original "Group of 88" ad.

What should be pointed out here is that this Duke faculty is exactly like the faculties of every major university in the country. All offer a view of literature, art, theatre, and philosophy itself, that encourages the lack of accountability for the words written by the authors. That's because the author's words mean whatever the reader says they mean when viewed from the prison of their outlook on life.

That's why if Hitler were a Duke student, he could say, "it ain't my fault if you think Mein Kampf threatens Jews. That interpretation is not only your fault, it shows your own bigotry toward Jews."

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