How stink? We'd have a dull game between two emotionally drained teams. I've changed my mind about the desirability of a playoff system in college football to determine a national champion, and here's why. I base my opinion on two occurances, the first being the UCLA whipping of USC and the second being the seeming impossibility of an SEC team running the table in a super tough conference. In the USC case, they had to get as high as they could get to beat Oregon, CAL, and then Notre Dame before taking on an ordinary UCLA, and that ordinary team kicked SC's ass. Most coaches will tell you that there is almost no way you can get a maximum emotional level out of 20 year old kids for more than two consecutive weeks, and it is absolutely impossible for a four week adrenaline high to be maintained. The SEC is living proof of what happens to college teams that have to play tough games every week. Each and every year their eventual champion has at least one loss in perhaps the toughest conference in college football.

If we had a "tournament" to get to a final game we'd most likely have two emotionally drained teams stumbling at each other. As an added comment, the BIG EAST has the best bowl record, 4-0. Does anyone really think that this conference is better than the SEC or PAC-10? No, their teams are well rested with a lot of time between big games. Louisville and West Virginia are dam good with Rutgers just behind them....and then....South Florida(?), Cincinatti(?????), UCONN and forget it. A strong non conference schedule is all that keeps these teams actually competitive. BTW, if any of you noticed how many NJ kids were big time stars of that USC team you know that Rutgers is sitting on a gold mine of home grown talent and every kid born wants to play big time football in front of their parents. Watch out for Rutgers from now on.

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girlysportsrant said...

Not only would the 2 finalists be worn out (similar to the World Cup final where 2 teams have been playing for a month and having nothing left and end up 0-0). but the playoff games themselves would be DUDS as teams play it safe and try not to lose instead of trying to win. A game like Boise State-OLKA could not and would not that trilling. Instead it would be a bunch a nervous kids and coaches afraid to make a mistake.