Boo Fucking Hoo Finke is bemoaning the fact that the last of the bitch patrol has been kicked out of the Hollywood suites. No more women running studios. Wonder why? Could it be the fucking avalanche of shit movies launched since these totally incompetent and unprepared bitches took over?

The exception to the foregoing is Sherry Lansing who was appointed head of Paramount way back in 1980 (before militant feminism) and produced plenty hits for the company

"Kramer vs. Kramer," "The China Syndrome," "Fatal Attraction," "The Accused," "Forrest Gump," "The First Wives Club," "Saving Private Ryan" and "Titanic."
Lansing left when she dried up---no hits for two years. But she had worked in the business: actress, model, exec at MGM before taking over at Paramount. Lansing had actual experience, something the current bitch network lacked. Not that the old boy (?) squad did any better when they ran things (if you don't lisp like you went to Harvard, you don't work). Now they're back. Look for more Left Wing shit; "The Love Life of Stalin;" "Che Meets Godzilla;" "Brothel Collectives;" all featuring totally useless stars that it is proven can't pull in audiences. We'd all be better off if motorcycle gang members took over. Or better yet, porn producers, but then movies might make money, and liberals don't want that to happen now, do they? Love to see real PG-13 movies like "Fuck or Walk;" "Suck My Toes;" "Slut Senators" and shit like that.....and all rated PG13. And rename a studio "Janetalia Productions."

God, I missed my true calling.

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