The Chargers, losers last year because of the horrible play calling and game plan of their coach, lost again because of their coaching. This time by an entire coaching staff that failed insert discipline in their players. Every coach in the NFL has the same thugs---"former" or current gang members, the same guys from troubled homes, the same spoiled athletes. It's just that some, like the Patriot's Bill Belichick, instill discipline into their players and some, like the the Chargers Marty Schottenheimer, do not. Three stupid personal foul penalties, one of which was so flagrant and committed in front of a referee by a stupid gangster with no control and no brains, cost a touchdown directly and two others stopped drives. But their lousy coaching doesn't just show there; at the end of the first half, after stuffing the Patriot offense for twenty eight minutes, they change defenses and allow the Patriots to march down the field like a hot poker through water, a lousy choice by a lousy coach---Wade Phillips---who has been fired from two other teams. The lack of discipline was reflected in at least two of their three fumbles because their show off ball carriers don't tuck the ball away, and in the other tried to pick up a fumbled punt instead of falling on it. The Chargers had much better quarterback play---Tom Brady was outplayed---a far better running game with the best back in the game playing as advertised, and better but undisciplined defensive players. But they lost. They lost because of bad coaching. The Saints surprised but deserved to win; the Bears won because their quarterback stunk less than the Seahawks quarterback who is so bad that he has to go; the Colts "won?" which is all you can say. Another terrific NFL playoff series.

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rev said...

Don't forget the showboating ****** who didn't just knock the pass away on 4th down....... oh, no, he's got to pick it off. And of course, then fumble it.
Wouldn't wanna pass up a chance to 'perform' for the crowd. Disgusting.