Dook: the incestuous relationships between all prosecutors in the state of NC are on display at Lie Stoppers. I repeat my post of yesterday

Southun' Justice has no relationship to justice. These are the same clowns who validated lynchings, beatings, Huey Long, Bull Connor, and an endless parade of scumbag sheriffs who falsely accused almost anyone they could rob. The Southern ol' boy network is more likely to stick together and protect their own crooked asses than they are to seek a "justice" that will make all of them look bad and risk a ton of lawsuits. Remember that there are a luxury liner full of shitheads who stepped out of line here: cops, many on the "I'm better than you" faculty of a "prestigious" university, Durham Blacks (a potent "voting" block), and plenty of public officials who stuck their heads in the sand as usual. Everyone wishes this thing would just "go away" and finding some evidence of physical force would validate the corruption of the various institutions in NC. The resignation of one of the most vile members of the "Group of 88" ought to tell you that the moral jackals that compose the "Duke 88" faculty members ain't going gently into that good night.
The past connections between the current state AG and Nifong are tight. I still say the purpose of the AG will be to insulate anyone in Durham or state government from prosecution.

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