This article, (linked from Drudge) better described as a novella or short story, is a perfect example of one of the principal reasons we are not effective in getting justice after an injustice has been done. In short, a real problem drama of "justice perverted" is presented to us as if it was a work of overwritten fiction. The guts of the piece revolves around the imprisonment of a young man (who was a good enough football player to be on scholarship somewhere--WHICH MEANS NOTHING, LIKE IN ZERO) doing ten years in the slammer for consensual sex between two teen age minors.

The statement, stripped of bullshit hype designed to appeal to an athlete focused audience----A young man is in prison for consenual sex between two teen agers.----PERIOD

So instead of giving us the facts, this asshole gives us a tear jerking phony piece of dramatic writing that is so obviously an overwrought piece of agenda selling that we are left wondering if this kid's situation is real. It has drawn the usual liberal suspects who run full page ads in the New York Times whenever somebody black is in trouble, runs to their favorite TV mouth any time a minority (including women) is supposedly victimized by whitey; stages a rally any time one of them is denied a handout by some government agency or other. We are left to speculate if this is actually a miscarriage of justice. Only the conservative media has left it alone. So far.

Bad bad writing. A simple retelling of the facts by someone somewhere might do some good, if the facts are as they are presented in this essay. This kid doesn't need more bad writing "explaining" his case any more than the "poor exploited Black "Exotic Dancer" needed the bad writing, which in the Duke case has resulted in eternal torment for the falsely accused Rich White Rapists.

Another example of bad writing is over at Lie Stoppers, (Link corrected) the biblically long piece written by a very smart woman who spends God only Knows how much space letting us know it. As we might expect, she is educated and lets us know that too. And know. And know. What this means in today's over educated world is that she feels equipped to thoroughly analyze everything connected with her encyclopedic opinion. She ponderously seeks to justify every nook and cranny of her point of view; she repeatedly tells us how much she loves Duke in an attempt to get us to believe in her purity of purpose; and then leaves us with a clouded mind that she has pounded into numbness with endless microscopic examinations of minutiae.

Hey lady, here's the deal from a moron. A criminal complaint was made in an environment perpetually ready to ignite when the kerosene soaked left wing pyre was provided a spark. "Helpless black woman assaulted by rich white guys" was an inflammable matrix already built by Women's Studies Department, Black History Department, and Bush hating subdivisions of a virulently left wing faculty which are snake pits of resentment always seeking glorious martyrdom. Mix this with a demonstrably crooked cop (Gottlieb) who was OK because he was on the "right side" and you had the perfect opportunity for paranoid groups to explode. All that was needed was leadership. That leadership showed up from faculty who ignited explosive mix so the flames for a miscarriage of justice could take place. The pyre was stoked to a white hot bonfire by a biased media always ready and willing to pour gasoline onto every story of "victimization." Then mix in a petty local prosecutor running for reelection who needed an anti white black vote and you have what happened.

None of the few faculty/student/media that might be asking for a presumption of innocence was heard. So a few rich white assholes get what they deserve, so what? The bonfire was finally deprived of oxygen by bloggers who called attention to the "problems" with the case. It was the hooligan bloggers who finally overwhelmed Big Media, perverted law enforcement, and a faculty frothing hatred at every opportunity.

That's it. The rest is filler. Bad over written BS hasn't helped much either.


Old Grouch said...

Howard, that's one of the best one-paragraph summaries of the consequences of the Duke case that I've read yet. Congrats!

Old Grouch said...

Believe your Liestoppers link is wrong. Is this story the one you meant?

Howard said...

Thanx, changed the link

Anonymous said...

howard - UGH - Talk about bad writing. You are an expert. With folk like you supporting the guys, who needs enemies. The woman wrote a good artice - a little to long, but Susan B and her gang would be proud.