Thugs Getting Bad Press

And some will say it's about time. The NFL has been allowed all kinds of room by media over murder, manslaughter, drunken rampages, spousal abuse, and so on for the better part of twenty years. No matter the crime the press found a way to rationalize it. Maybe that's all over now. Vick's lifetime of abusing animals is bringing other criminal activity to light. The weekend Lamborghini "crash" of Lance Briggs, an accident that found him fleeing the scene like Lindsay Lohan with a pocket full of coke and then suddenly phoning a tow truck leaves most of us suspecting alcohol as the cause, but by the time the cops were brought in it was too late for testing. "Coach" Romeo Cornell telling one and all that he would not stab a family member in the back etc. and so on, is must more of the same. I sense that the public may be fed up. Especially the sports talk radio talk.

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