Full court press to kill FOX

Both CNN and MSNBC are manufacturing racism charges that accuse FOX, O'Reilly, and Hannity of racism---they even smear lefty black guy Juan Williams by calling him a "negro." This charge is repeated on almost every "show" they have, which leads me to believe that this is an orchestrated and heavily financed campaign from two competitors whose combined ratings are still a fraction of the FOX viewership. You may not like the Foxes but they ain't guilty of racism. As the old saying goes: "Racism is the last corn hole of the scoundrel element." Will this tactic work? It could, because the charges are picked up by the usual MSM scumbags and tossed out there. On the web it's Media Matters, Move on dot Org, and Democratic Underground that is quoted as sources. The Left will do anything to silence any dissenting views. Solution? Watch FOX for a few minutes a day just to fuck everybody up.

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