this time it is the spinning of a story in a desperate attempt to please their sugar daddy NFL. You may or may not have heard about the spinal injury suffered by Buffalo special teams player Kevin Everett, but the most important thing is left out of all stories. The injury occurred when the head down Everett hit running back Domenik Hixon helmet first. This is known as "spearing" and is supposedly a fifteen yard penalty, one that is almost never called. These head shots are increasingly popular among college players as well, especially when going after a quarterback. The real target of these hits is the opposition player's head. We all naturally hope that Everett will walk again but these injuries will continue to happen unless the penalty for head to head hits and head down missile impacts is ejection. The game was never designed for collisions between elephantine 250 pound plus human beings. The NFL clearly needs to police what is becoming far too violent a sport, at least on the professional level. We can count on the NCAA to do absolutely nothing until the body count piles up.


Anonymous said...

If you read the history of football, you find that Theodore Roosevelt convened a commission to establish rules for football, because there were so many injuries and deaths that people had begun calling for the game to be banned.

Howard said...

I know that TR banned the "flying wedge" back in the day, but no president can wave a magic wand these days. And Congressional hearings would simply turn the hard left and hard right into frothing rages. The league and the players must act. The league needs approval of the union, one that is made up of "macho men" who enjoy the hitting. So???