Tapegate could bring down the NFL

The "scandal" keeps getting worse. If people stop betting on pro football it's all over for them. It is now being said that Patriot linemen had microphones hidden on their person so the coaches could pick up the audibles. It seems that there may be thirty or more games in which the Patriot coaches had information that turned games. It is suspected that the Patriots were cheating in the last Super Bowl game, if so this could be a "Black Sox" scandal. Keep in mind that the NBA looked to be riding high on their way to become "America's Game" only to fall prey to the constant criminality, sexual excesses, and nastiness of their players. Result: NBA had only 11% of the sporting audience watching their playoffs this year. Free Republic has a damning piece at the above link. This is bad and getting worse. Getting terrible if other clubs are cheating too, which seems quite likely. If betting on pro football stops then it's bye bye Miss American Pie.

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