What the "Betrayus" ad really shows

First, it shows how the Left just hangs in there no matter what and doesn't back off. They just give a giant middle finger to any and all critics. Their reply to attacks on this despicable ad was instant. Then look at Clinton's responses to all attacks: classic Bill Clinton. They answer immediately, and it's coupled with a vicious counter attack. They know how to run a campaign and the White House.

Contrast this with His Mediocrity, George, W. Bush. They answer next to nothing. There is total silence so all attacks are "safe." He and the Republicans are the playground weakling, the person it is perfectly safe for all bullies to attack because the only answer is to cower in the bunker.

Bush's "style" has helped as much as anything to destroy the Conservative movement, and make no mistake.....we are dead. Gingrich seems to be the only one who knows it and is willing to start doing something about it, but it's too little too late for this election cycle. Get ready for sky high tax hikes and socialized medicine because there is no way the Democrats can lose. No way.

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