What? I mean Whaaatt?

3:10 to Yuma is the most overblown overproduced over written and directed fucking movie I've seen in years. WTF? My theory: certain movies (like the 50s original with Glenn Ford) are kept on a direct and simple path by the use of black and white film and no money; no crane shots, no cover shots, a dolly shot here and there and a few long master shots. Period . God dam, these characters are so simple minded that listening to them say anything for more than a minute is stupid. The characters are pretentious to the extreme or over the top to an extreme with only the two women, one of whom seems tossed into the picture so Crowe could have a sex scene, worth listening to--and one of them says nothing anyway. This was a movie that needed to be lean. It ain't. The final gun fight is badly done, confusing, and so unbelievable that you sit there wondering who in the hell thought this stupid movie up. And the ending? Fugedaoudit. Wait til it comes to cable. The 3:10 train to Yuma arrives ten minutes late so the stupid gunfight could be extended and one could only wish that it had arrived an hour early so we could have been spared the tedium.

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David Davenport said...


Last week I saw Peter Fonda on the Glen Beck show touting 3:10.

Fonda appears to have had a bad facelift. His cheecks are taut, but - here's the botched part -- his eyes seemed permanently squinted almost shut. The same thing seems to have happened to Robert Redford.

Don't know why they can't get better docs.