Does FOX Business News Have a Chance?

Checking CNBC this AM I find that their politics is permeating the AM time slot. Going after Ann Coulter, trashing FOX through Donnie Deutsch, and a discussion of "the surge." This can only mean that CNBC has somehow decided that their viewership wants Left Wing news along with business. Bloomberg is still hard core stocks but is not available in all markets. So looking at the FOX promotions one thing stands out: a bunch of women. As a broker for 25 years I can tell you one thing with certitude: nobody, male or female, wants a woman for a client. Not only are they usually assholes but they are litigious to a fault. Most seem to believe that there is a clause in the Constitution that says any time a woman loses in the market it is the fault of some horrible man. So looking at the FOX promotions it may be that they are aiming for the woman who invests and not the men who trade and invest. There is not a single woman that I know of with a audited track record of winning by trading large amounts of money in either the stock of futures markets. I'd just add here that the woods are filled with dopes who trade nickel and dime but they ain't filled with guys who can move big money, and you need to be on the side of big money. All women who are touted have either traded multiple accounts and selected one that actually won or they are strictly on because of Affirmative Action bean counters and are not to be taken seriously. And Niel Cavuto? Give me a fucking break. Talk about some loser with an agenda? You don't have to go any further than this asshole. The FOXES have shown that they know their stuff with news and commentary but do they know "market stuff?" Credibility means everything on a business channel. So will we believe a bunch of women? I doubt it, but CNBC is demonstrating major weakness by going into politics. I mean what next? Point spreads?

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