The about to lose ten or more scholarships USC has proven itself a solid number 12 team; CAL blew it just like they always do, an undisciplined school breeds undisciplined teams composed largely of people who lack control; LSU still looks like the best to me. How in the world can that pathetic Big 10 have any team rated over #6? I still think Oregon is the best team on the coast but they may have lost their best two players, one of them being Jonathan Stewart, perhaps the best running back in the country. Baseball playoffs are good if you like baseball. NBA and NHL seasons have opened, before the World Series has even started. And it looks like the Reggie Bush scandal is about to break wide open and cost USC plenty. Word is that the NCAA has over $200,000 worth of credit card vouchers signed by members of the Bush family; cars, houses, and luxury items are involved. Bye bye Trojans.

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