Despite the hype that it's being carried by cable systems like Time Warner, TW refuses to carry it here in West Hollywood even though their promotional material claims they will. I have been informed that if and when they do carry it we will have to pay a surcharge for it. So much for FOXNews market research. And I always knew that TW was a piece of shit.

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Old Grouch said...

Fox is also involved with the "Big 10" sports cable channel, an undertaking so badly thought-out that it's turned Comcast into a hero for NOT running it.

Seems the Big 10 wants it carried on the standard (not sports premium) tier, and they want $2 per subscriber for it. Comcast said "no way." The Big 10 has been whining, trying to get local politicians to intervene, but folks smell a rate hike if it happens, and have started calling it the "Big 10 tax." Not too bright.