Wost day in LA since Paris Hilton lost her Driver's License

I refer to the fact that most everyone is a buzz about all our sports teams losing ingloriously over the weekend, the worst being the USC loss to a truly bad Stanford team. Not to say I didn't warn readers of this blog that the SC quarterback couldn't throw the long pass at all, that there really wasn't a high quality running back on the team, and that they are about as lethargic a bunch as you'd ever want to see. They've dropped to #10 in the polls and even that might be on the high side. The most over rated sports team in years and years. According to the always reliable Sports by Brooks (visit there for the girls; sample on left) players were at Le Deux, a trendy night spot frequented by Christina Aguelara and attention whore, Paris Hilton and where lousy quarterback John David Booty was observed downing shots. BTW, Le Deux is where NFL failure quarterback Matt Leinert used to get his pic taken with the likes of Paris Hilton. At least Matt celebrated after he won something.

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