If you want an education about what young guys think is cooler: movies or video games, go to Ace's place and check out the comments. From what I read out of the near 100 (at last count) the three things that rock the teen age world are 1. killing actual terrorists, 2, wiping out entire cities, and 3. hot naked babes who demand to be fucked (even though in any video game they are fake). Hollywood has basically thrown themselves off a cliff and these guys ain't going back to movies again. One commenter said that he didn't see why anyone would go to a movie any more unless he had a date.

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Looking Glass said...

Came here from your kind comment on Dirty Harry's site. You're welcome.

More thoughts on videogames vs. movies. The original formula for movies was, "The good guy wins, and gets the girl."

The hero/player can always win a video game. That's why walkthroughs are written and cheat codes released.

Movies can force the good guy to lose. All too frequently they do.

Look at "Titanic." Can you imagine a video game where the player dies at the end without accomplishing anything? Being forced into that? They'd be laughed out of business.

Compare that reaction with Entropy wrote, "But when I played KotOR I felt like I was seeing a brand new Star Wars movie, like I'd just seen A New Hope for the first time again. Sitting alone in my room, I had to restrain myself as I damn near started clapping when the ending credit music cut in."

Just a suggestion. When quoting a comment from another site, give the commenter's name. They might find you ego surfing.

No, you didn't quote me, but the other guys deserve credit. Giving names makes the comments more personal, more immediate, for the reader.

Think about it. If someone quoted you, wouldn't you like them to give your name, even if they provide a link?

Thanks for your comment, and extending the reach of those comments.