----like in rilly rilly thinking---about how I looked upon the Clarence Thomas nomination to the Supreme Court and the Senate hearings I find myself more than just a little embarrassed. Embarrassed because in spite of all my declarations of tolerance and understanding I am now revealed to myself as a complete racist, and hopefully that’s in the past tense. Without any knowledge of the man I assumed this was just another PC Black appointment of a barely qualified “African American” done by Bush I in order to appease the media. I also thought that Affirmative Action meant that he was “guided” through law school and probably had sub standard grades. In other words I thought he was just another stupid n*****r that talked good and skated through the Ivy League. A typical liberal. I became aware of things other than the above when Anita Hill surfaced with completely unsupported accusations without a single supporting witness; accusations that were immediately picked up and parroted by the same hypocritical “end justifies means” people who had crucified Judge Bork. I was not really impressed by his defense until he accused the Senators of a “high tech lynching,” which it dawned on me that it was. The more the media supported her the less and less I thought of her. After he was approved by the Senate I seriously doubted that he could rise above the national media smear, one that continues to this day, but only because of the man himself the smears may, and I say may, begin to dissipate.

I fully intend to read his book because I’m blown away by both the 60 Minutes interview and the two segments that were not shown on TV but are now available on the web. Having said all this, I have pondered long and hard about the so-called Blacks who insist that Thomas is a “negro” (Uncle Tom) who was appointed only because he kissed the right Republican asses. This is a terrific guy, a man among men, a giant of our time. He is not dead to the discrimination that runs rampant in our society; the total isolation of Blacks who want to succeed on their own without the “help” of liberal white guys. Rocks are still being thrown at Black children by other Black children if they indicate that they actually want to learn in school, achieve good grades, and want to do something other than another PC Black guy who wants only to Hip Hop hes way through life. Thomas makes Al Sharpton look like the buffoon he really is without saying so and lets us truly see the hypocrisy of the Race Pimps now surfacing on Media. Most important is that makes the Black population that blindly follows along with the crowd look like the lemmings of a democracy heading toward oblivion. We are heading toward a certain Democratic victory in ’08 and it becomes clear that a Minister of Propaganda may be in the cards in order that we comply to what “the leader” wants.

Read his book. Listen to his tapes. A real wake up call to many of us. Maybee you'll find a suitable Thanksgiving message in this piece.

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Have you ever read Shelby Steele 's article on Affirmative Action?