Accidentally discovered while browsing for something completely different. This is from a movie I do not know the title of. The first three minutes is Harry James and drummer Buddy Rich playing Hawaiian War Chant when both were with the Tommy Dorsey band. From around 1940 and is great if you like some of the old big band cuts. The movie must have been a piece of shit, as the dancing "Hawaiians," none of whom has a clue as to the rhythms they should be hearing, shake stupidly. Last half is a shitty scene from some other dopey movie.


Keith said...

Checked IMDB. Looks like "Two Girls and a Sailor" (1944) with June Allison, Van Johnson, and Gloria DeHaven. I think the entire seven minutes is from the same movie because Tommy Dorsey and Harry James and band re-appear for "A Young Man and His Horn".
I appreciate your site for its eclectic topics and hard-nosed evaluations of same. Please keep up the good work!

Howard said...

Gloria De Haven? One of my all time faves. Total babe. Were I running the movie section of the Met I'd have a Gloria de Haven retrospective at least once a month.