Hollywood Pukes on us One More Time

Redacted, the Brian De Palma-Mark Cuban hate fest, has been one of the biggest failures at the box office ever. So what is the producer's reward? Why main stream national release starting yesterday. We now have to assume that the theatre owners (many are perhaps the same multi-nationals who produce this shit) stand four square behind all the agit-prop movies emanating from the Hollywood Hate America Left and are putting their own money behind them. It should also be noted that several "main stream" critics and publications are killing themselves to praise this movie. This thing ain't dead til we kill it, which is a full time job. We Conservatives, always first in line to say we don't want government into our lives and therefore sit on our asses between elections, had better stay on this one because the Left is out there hyping it.

Which brings me to a second thought. I've never endorsed boycotts of any kind believing that the innocent get burned with the guilty and group guilt is absolutely wrong. And to top it off, they don't work. Well, not boycotting doesn't work either as the increasing tide of Hate America movies continues. I suggest that the only tool we have is to boycott the theatres that show this shit, which means that unless we target carefully we miss the Disney stuff too. Small price to pay, I say.


cubanbob said...

Eventually they will run out fools that invest in these movie deals.

I suspect it is just a matter of time before the theater chains force the studios to back down when they try to make them take these dogs in order to get the likely hit. And for a larger cut of the gross. Considering all the crap that is being produced, I am amazed that some of the larger theater chains have not decided to make some movies themselves based on what they think they can sell. You would think the Mel Gibson would have opened their eyes a bit.

Howard said...

The Consent Decree back in 1947 forced the studios to divorce themselves from theatre ownership and the practice of "block booking" was supposedly banned. Now with the concentration of theater ownership split among four giant corporations (parts of multi-nationals???) and the fact that there are only four major distributors (which are actually the studios) you have a situtation where the only hanky panky possible is to take admissions from Movie A and credit them to Movie B in the same complex. Bottom Line is that the theaters cannot continue to lose admissions to video games, porn, and (God Forbid) fucking books.