Muslim sensitivities and Teddy Bears

Yeah, they got pissed. What did that moron teacher think might happen? We sit here in a Godless society where "artists" post anti-Christian horrors like "The Piss Christ" on a routine basis and they get away with it because Christians have allowed themselves to be castrated. A hundred years ago had some "artist" dared post "Piss Christ" anywhere there would have been riots too. I think most Christians today think that just before Christ was nailed to the cross he said it was OK to drink, do drugs, cheat on our spouses, kill somebody if they bother us, kill babies in wombs, and lie about whatever we want to.

Works for me, Jesus. Thanks for coming.


Anonymous said...

Howard, The teacher might be a moron, that's undetermined, but from what I have read, her class voted to name the teddy bear "Mohammed".

Howard said...

Yeah, but the teacher runs the class and those kids didn't come up with the Teddy Bear's name all by themselves. They had a teacher, and boy what a moron.