The Show Biz---well sort of: A guy named Jeff Immelt, who is only the CEO of GE, the parent company of NBC-U and NBC, said plenty. "Anybody who thinks that the current business model of network TV can possibly last is wrong." The moron writers have driven a stake into the 8-9 time slot insofar as scripted shows go and things could get slimmer. GE is flying high and Immelt said nothing about the string of box office flops coming in from Hollywood. NBC is now a ratings disaster zone with the other nets also suffering big viewer losses (before the strike). Immelt said GE will look to cut costs at NBCU (NBC Universal) that will lower investment in prime-time programming at the flagship network. Interesting that he regards cable as the media cash cow for the entertainment company.

And if you want a panorama of what assholes the striking writers really are click here for the Nikki Finke overview what these impossibly narcissistic jerks think of the studios. These people need a kick in the balls, vaginas or a quick bra change.

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