Today's Journal has a dam good piece on Hollywood movies.

But Americans haven't lost their taste for war footage. They've just found a better place to see the type of war film they actually enjoy watching. Some of the hottest videos on YouTube are of actual battles that have taken place in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is footage that often hasn't made its way onto the nightly news or CNN--although some of it has--but it's largely unadulterated film that shows American soldiers in action, bringing the full weight of American military might to bear against the enemy. And in most of these films, it's clear who the enemy is.
They then list the short movies on YouTube complete with attendance. Interesting. BTW Nikki Finke has stopped pimping for the WGA and has returned to "reporting." I think she gets it that this writers strike is ill timed and not very bright. My take is that they cannot win due to the financial reality in Hollwood.

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