Under the Sports Doppler: a Big Ten football betting scandal involving more than one referee and more than one game in which really bad calls were made by at least one of them. Google has a rundown, but the already doubtful Big Ten pedigree has another really serious problem, besides fielding bad teams. If at least Illinois or Ohio State win a bowl game officiated by clean officials the smell might go away, but right now they look like a Division IAA conference. BTW: I am not one of those who thinks USC is going to "kill" Illinois. They run a spread offense, Coach Zook comes from Florida where he ran the "spread" offense (also where fans ran him out of town), and they don't have the Mike Vic type of spread offense terror quarterback, BUT they beat Ohio State, are motivated because of the ridicule currently being heaped upon the Big Ten football teams, and have a strong passing game. USC has looked mediocre in all but one game this season, their long passing game doesn't exist, and they don't have a top draft pick running back. I think they stink.

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