A couple of little things have happened over the past week that MAY indicate that Europe is awakening from a deep trance regarding both Islam and their declining birth rate.
1. Their threatened boycott of the Olympic Games opening ceremonies because of their treatment of Tibet is not just an empty gesture. This is a slap in the face to an aggressive World Power. While true that EU trade with China is relatively small it has become clear over the past year that Europe will not just lay down for China destroying their home grown industry with cheap products. This is one more signal to China that the EU doesn't care that much about Chinese industrial "might."
2. They have literally told Turkey that an Islamic state will not be admitted to the European Common Market.
3. The latest short movie by Wilders which is not anti-Islamo Fascism (a totally false and gutless depiction of the truth), but anti Muslim and anti Koran as it spells out directly some of the most warlike and intolerant parts of its contents. The enemy is the Muslim Religion and their Koran. Wilders is an elected representative in the Netherlands and has wide support.
4. They are directly limiting immigration from all Islamic countries, a clear signal that they are through closing their eyes to the obvious.
5. Eastern nations opting for missile shield is one more indication, but there is a huge genital deficit between Eastern and Western Europe.

Bye bye Appeasement Pie???

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