The Fifty Billion Dollar Opening Ceremony

And what a show. If you missed the continually interrupted, cut, and PC announcing then go to the on line site (link at left) and check in for about an hour. Nothing like this has ever been seen because nothing but a centralized state government answering to nobody would ever be allowed to spend public funds in this manner. Even in its NBC fucked up cutting it is a must see.

Now the maddening part. I refer to the intrusive announcing by the always Politically Correct trio of liberals who constantly told us that this and that represented the environment, and how a part of the spectacle meant getting together, or (about ten times) how this show represented "coming of age" for China, and the ever present Left Wing "no borders bullshit." I hate NBC even more than before if possible.

We get to see only what NBC decides we can see and they shove it down our throats cut up into little bites so they can "announce" stuff. It's hard not to keep reminding myself of Tibet, Tienanmen Square, and the repressive regime, now called the harmonious society.

But bury your contempt for NBC and and political reality, go to the site, register, download the various plug ins that makes their "coverage" viewable, and see the most astounding spectacle ever conceived. No matter what you have imagined was possible, you were wrong. Stunning doesn't begin to cover it.


Anonymous said...

I saw the opening ceremony on a big screen live feed to a Chinese School with no interuptions. Afterward, I told the kids that in my opinion, it was the greatest pagent ever done. It was amazing and the images had many messages for the world. They did the whole program their way - in Chinese, with the children leading the way to their future. Also, a strong martial arts element with the drums showing a hard working united people, happy to work together and build their future. Very different from what we see from the USA entertainment only pagents like the superbowl - No wardrobe malfunctions here.

Dimitrios said...

Even the videos on NBC's website have the freaking cuts. Turned the video off in disgust and how do any of those idiots on NBC still have a job.