Oil price drop represents a huge tax "cut."

Well not exactly. It represents the unlikely prospect of a government never willing to give our taxes back to us actually giving taxes back to us. Fairy Tail? You bet. Don't get giddy about this price drop, which is only temporary.

We all need to face the fact that there is zero possibility of getting off fossil fuels within ten years no matter what we do in the short term. Oh yeah, there may be a few wells that can be brought in within the next three years but most unrecoverable crude is thousands of feet below the ocean bottom which in some cases is ten thousand feet. Oil from shale should be going on right now, but the price is very high. Wind? Jesus Christ, can you see every square foot of this country with a windmill on it?

We need nuclear, fossil, wind, solar (not economical right now), coal and the continued development of Fischer-Tropsch technology, a process that converts natural gas and coal into liquids (we have a hundred years worth of coal in the ground) that can be used in jet aircraft (currently used by the Air Force), diesel fuel, and hopefully gasoline for cars. Meanwhile gasoline is still $4.15 at the cheapest LA gas stations and we have a long way to go to see it under $3.50.

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