Oil Price this AM: The good news is that the usual hysterical effort to drive prices higher every time a storm hits the Gulf didn't happen this time. The best news is for the people who live in the North East because they absolutely need heating oil at a reasonable price. Used to sell in the seventy cent range and it's now it's $3.30, a ruinous price that is literally 500% more than three years ago. Crude will have to come down below $90 for them to have just a doubling in the former prices. In the latest environazi bullshit discovery, a team of Purdue University researchers developed a way to make home heating oil from a mixture of soybean oil and conventional fuel oil. The oil blend is made by replacing 20% of the fuel oil with soybean oil, potentially saving 1.3 billion gallons of fuel oil per year. This soybean heating oil can be used in conventional furnaces without altering existing equipment. The soybean heating oil is relatively easy to produce and creates no sulfur emissions. Soybean prices are at an all time high right now.

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