Olympic Games
My female family members are involved in gymnastics (one is the third ranked in the state) so I've sat through phony judging til I get sick at the word. Judging anything is always less than satisfying for anyone and that ridiculous tie on the uneven bars makes me sick, but it's par for the course. I advise everyone to stay out of "sports" not having finish lines, scores, or stop watches because without a doubt you will be robbed like Luken was in the uneven bars.

Favorite Commercial: without doubt the GM one with that great great song.
Most puke worthy: that fucking Progressive Insurance one.
Person most sick of seeing: Phelp's mom
Hottest Babe: that swimmer Natalie Coughlin.


Kim du Toit said...

Coughlin has those horrible California horse teeth.

Alicia Sacramone -- finally, a gymnast who a.) is of legal age, and b. has actual tits. Have you seen her out of costume?

Whoa, Daddy.

Xiaoding said...

Guo Jingjing! Hot!!