Olympic Games: They're over thank God! There are so many bullshit events that are boring as hell cluttering the TV schedule the last six days of the Olympics that they become difficult to watch. And face reality: women ain't as good as men....PERIOD. Jesus, obviously slower and even more obviously weaker, making only women's track, volleyball, and swimming worth watching. Their last too stupid to mention "event" was Hula Hooping and baton twirling---an event that belongs on the Discovery Channel at two in the morning. Overall the Games were a lot of fun as long as we all clouded our morals to the ruthlessness of the regime there.

U.S. Open Tennis Tournament: Not worth a glance til the quarterfinals which are next week. This parade of non-entities losing at love to ranked players is a function of an OPEN tournament, meaning that it is open to anyone who qualifies. Participants from Public and Private tennis venues have been competing for a spot for nine months. This style of selection assures us that Jew haters, Black haters, and every other kind of targeted group for bigoted participants cannot win out..

College Football: starts next Saturday with USC, the pundits favorite to take the BCS by storm (or Georgia, or Florida, or Texas Tech), the team being talked about. Well it is true that USC is actually an NFL team without the salary cap. Only this year they have no outstanding big running back, receiver, or experienced quarterback, meaning the "writers" belong on an island with no food or pussy for the rest of their lives. If USC has anything real it will be mid October before they come around. Arizona State is the team to beat out west: almost no grade requirements, a coach that can clean out a ghetto faster than a narcotics raid, and some outstanding talent almost everywhere. The problem down there is the character of their players---many headed for jail. Unless rape is reduced to a $100 $50 misdemeanor.

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