Phelp's stupid cereal endorsement of a cereal product for children that is loaded up with sugar is what happens every time you do something just for the money. His "advisers" don't give a fat fuck about him, his family or his future. They get commissions on what he earns today, what income they can generate for him today, what movie deals or TV deals they make today. His endorsement of a product every mom and dad in the country knows is bad for kids only says something about Phelps and his quest for the quick buck. So he has the usual commission hustler as managers. Tomorrow is always a century away to the true hustler who knows he will be dead before that happens. Phelps MUST take control of his life right now or he'll end up the fool like Mark Spitz.

Today's commission hustler regards a person as a brand--as in what damages the brand or what enhances the brand. Brand? That's what you do to a cow when you burn your initials onto its skin and fuck the pain, it ain't you that's hurting. Phelps should endorse what he actually uses without compensation today. What you know to be good from trying it.

To do anything else is to destroy your brand, another way of saying soul.

Track and Field: What can be said of an entire team unprepared to run a simple relay? Drop the baton, something all of us learned to do in high school? Overall our athletes didn't do well in the signature events of all Olympic Games. Something is wrong down on the high school level where it looks like video games is what youth chooses to do these days.

A word about Britain: that shitty little country is winning a ton of medals after about a millennium of laying around Oxford and otherwise dodging work. More than 40 medals (four eighten golds) at last count. I mean there ain't nobody there. They have won almost as many as Russia that has three times the population. Can't help but cheer for our "mother" country.

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