Russia? Georgia? Which will liberals support? I say Russia because corrupt American business interests have been thrown out of the former Soviet Union. Georgia is supported by the hated George W. Bush.......Oh well, everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.

BUT lefty liberal Newsweek is seeing similarities with the Nazi occupation of the Sudetenland before WWII.

The Russians today are using, in all cases, precisely the argument (a Russian right to protect its citizens, in Serbia its co-religionists) that Hitler used in the 1930s. The Sudeten Czechs were Germans, after all. Just as the South Ossetians now are, well, sort of Russian—having at any rate been issued Russian passports.
This is very serious stuff because if Europe dares side with us and Georgia the Russians can just cut off their oil. To top it off Russia will support all terrorism from Iran and other Muslim states. And did I mention that they will have no problem invading Iraq?

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Xiaoding said...

Oh My God, unwad those panties!

Russia is not the Soviet Union. They need to worry about what WE will do to THEM, more than we need to worry! Putin has one foot in the grave right about now. HE NEEDS THAT OIL MONEY. He makes it hard for us, we make it dead for him and all his friends.