You just knew these enviro whackos would invent something to stop wind power: This from the Granola capital of the US, Oregon:

Sherry Eaton pulled into the driveway of her rural, high-desert home to see one of several giant wind turbines being assembled a half-mile away.

"I started to cry," Eaton, 57, recalled of her first sight of the Willow Creek Wind Project in late July. "They're going to be hanging over the back of our house, and now there's the medical thing."

"The medical thing" is new research suggesting that living close to wind turbines, as Eaton and her 60-year old husband, Mike, soon will be doing, can cause sleep disorders, difficulty with equilibrium, headaches, childhood "night terrors" and other health problems. Here for some more disgusting Green NIMBY. YOU solve the energy problem, sucker.

Translation: No drilling, no wind, no changes. It's my view that's important. MY view.

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Xiaoding said...

This is why we need a revoluon...just to flat-out get rid of these people!