Goldman Lap Dog Henry Paulson

Paulson is another in the long line of absolutely awful Bush appointments offering us the first real chance to eat one of his crap sandwiches. This bailout is suspect mainly because Paulson has been so wrong so many times it should result in his being fired, not writing legislation creating ever more powerful government. Malkin has a full rundown, again from other sources, on this asshole and liberal. I'm like most of you in that I don't know enough to make a decision on this. Is this Y3K? Global Warming/Cooling caused by man? "Mission Accomplished"? "I did not have sex with that woman?" Maybe we are in meltdown and maybe not. I don't know enough but just in case he's right give the prick a trillion dollars. We're being offered a crap sandwich and told to eat it because it's good for us. Yeah, right. Beat me hurt me make me write bad checks......

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