I don't usually think much of Megan McArdle but she has a simple to understand piece about the misnamed "bailout" HERE. This situation is so serious that all of us have a responsibility to truly understand all sides. There are too many of us throwing bricks at this thing without being fully informed. We cannot just say "fuck Wall Street" or do what those assholes at the New York Times are doing in linking this thing with 9/11 and Iraq. Don't let others do your thinking for you.


Doug_s said...

Here's what happened. The masters of the universe on the street were watching the climate change people scare the paints off the public, saw that the press had no ability to evaluate the claims, and watched the climaters belly up to the trough and about to take over all industry in the form of carbon allowances. They said, next time a financial panic strikes we all get on the same page, tell everyone it is the end of the world, the press being ignorant will not be able to evaluate our claims, then we belly up at the trough and make the taxpayer take all the losses.

Anonymous said...

Actually we can say "fuck Wall Street." Fuck it dead. Dance on their grave.

I've played by the rules. I've not lied to get a mortgage. I've lived within my means. I have no credit card debt. No car loan. No mortgage. I pay my bills. Sucker. Rube. That's me.

Yet I'm gonna get burned to pay these fuckers that scammed the system. Fuck them. Fuck those that support them.

I'm just a simple tax slave who's gonna be made to pay. Because I'm too stupid to understand that those who made this mess and are now empowered to fix it will somehow stop screwing me. Fuck me.

Drag their sorry asses out and hang them high. The deserve it. Free hemp neckties all around.