It's the Bush Incompetents, Stupid

I've said ten thousand times on this blog that Bush's appointments to CFTC, SEC, Treasury, and the Fed are the worst possible. Harvey Pitt, a total incompetent at the SEC, was followed by this asshole Cox who is probably the main villain in this awful play. (several emailers I respect tell me I'm incorrect about the uptick rule. They say that with world wide electronic trading executed in nano seconds the uptick rule cannot he implimented. late add: Kudlow's show at 4PM Pacific was calling for the uptick rule and was echoed by guests. So?) Anybody who has traded for just one week knows that the rule mandating an uptick before a short could be executed was what prevented the market collapse we are having now. (in plain English you could only sell a share of stock after a stock had gone up a point) Shorts running wild and wrecking everything should be sending commission checks to that fucking Cox. The worst president appointed the worst regulators (what regulators?) imaginable and we may not survive this. Oh, and where is his Medicority? Fucking around sniffing mud in Texas while Wall Street burns. This is no joke. This is not unlike the inaction in 1929 that caused (exaserbated) the Great Depression. One last point: how can anyone look at prices over the past several weeks claim that inflation is a problem? What a collection of incompetents, starting at the top..

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