Nancy Pelosi Actually PROVES She's an Asshole

This financial crises is what happens when we elect people on the basis of their positions on Roe v Wade.

This AIG
financial collapse (and Lehman and and and) has taken place in spite of repeated warnings to Congress, especially including Her Brain Deadness, Nancy Pelosi, as far back as 1990 and the response from Congress was to do nothing. This entire mess is the fault of Congress---BOTH PARTIES---and ultimately you and me.

We are the ones who keep electing the same people over and over again because we are frozen into philosophical requirements as a condition of voting for somebody. Welfare Reform, Education policies, or entitlements of this or that is NOT what government is supposed to be about. But we have made government focus on these petty things.

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Anonymous said...

Though I would rather slam my head on the pavement rather than EVER vote for Pelosi ..... your point is well taken and sadly, true.