Once Again The Hate Dominated Democrats Slander

So the deal is that McCain is so old and stupid he can't use a keyboard and can't email. He's a moron and not qualified to be president, therefore vote for Obama...

At least that's what these hateful pricks would have us believe. The facts make liars of them all. McCain suffered so much nerve damage in his arms and hands from the beatings he received from the Viet Cong while a POW that he cannot use his fingers and hands adequately. So he cannot type and operate a keyboard. From Jonah Goldberg at the Corner. Even after they know about McCain's problems and the causes, the fucking liberals strike anyway.

You are ridiculous about this. While of course McCain probably can't type for long periods or in the manner in which many of us do, there are a tremendous amount of people that peck with just their index fingers. He also can surely use a mouse. How much typing do you really have to do to send emails and use the internet. Plus, when he was asked point blank about it he never said he couldn't type. I am sure he can't use a blackberry, but there are tons of people with far worse injuries than McCain that use a computer.
Jesus, I couldn't make this shit up if I was stoned for a week. Late add: Reynolds has a compendium of errors, inadequacies, lies, and careless reporting HERE.

Patterico is on this too.

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