"The One" has money problems? Yes he do with McCain now even with him, and raising a ton of money for the RNC--read Congressional Races--and he doesn't have to waste time and effort raising any more for himself. Obama must continually raise money because he by passed Federal funding, believing he had a bottomless pit of it. Obama's vaunted "internet money machine" simply has not raised the money claimed, something that surprised me---Obama lied?---no not him. Palin's entry into the race has galvanized the Conservative Base, you know those fucking Christians, people with jobs and small businesses, slobs from small towns across the USA, and even women---you may not know this but lots of women ain't feminists---are combining to donate. I have worked in campaigns raising money and let me tell you that tapping people over and over again requires adulatory donors and fanatical fund raisers. Obama's people may be running out of gas as well as money and it becomes harder and harder to grind people for more. NYT lays it out pretty well

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