Random thoughts:
I know more about Palin after two weeks than I know about Obama after two years.
European opinion does nothing but anger me. I may vote Republican just because I have contempt for European opinion.
The MSM sends their cultural sludge into Alaska for one reason: to destroy Palin. I simply will not pay attention to anything they say they "find out."
Obama's religion should be private. Palin's on the other hand, must be held up to "examination" and ridicule.
Women who say they talk for all women are by definition delusional and not deserving of my attention.
CNBC, a business channel has now morphed into MS-CNBC which now dispenses leftist political rants together with their bogus stock tips.
Credit crises: I get the feeling that I'm casually fishing off the end of the pier while whales eat the fishing fleet.
Palin's decision to have Trig, a Downs Syndrome baby, while no longer a private matter due to her candidacy is a valid point for discussion, only because she knew the kid would be born with it. The real point here is that having that baby is not that much of a burden for the affluent, while it might be ruinous for a lower middle income person. I don't think this is a major "right to life" statement.
Almost all the attacks against Palin from both CNN and MSNBC slither from the mouths of very unattractive women. I think I smell more catty envy than any political examination. They all hate women who are better looking than they are.

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