Republicans at Fault

Atlantic's altered photos of McCain: this shit has been going on since the entire business tried to depict Goldwater as a warmongering menace. The TV people put their cameras as far away from Goldwater as possible in order to make him look as small as possible while shooting closeups of Johnson. The Republicans were caught by that one and now they are caught again. Know this one people: all media is the enemy and all media will depict Republicans in the worst possible light. It's inexcusable for the McCain people to have been so careless as to allow unsupervised "shoots." Makes me wonder about the quality of his people.


Anonymous said...

yeah.. and according to instapundit, the editor of the atlantic is "upset". bullshit. he had to know how that picture looked before they ran it.

fboness said...

Nobody called the media on the Goldwater/LBJ shenanigans. Today, the internet insures that shenanigans will be called.

The take away from this is that exposing Greenberg is going to make The Atlantic Monthly and others much more aware of the blowback possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Almost no one even reads the Atlantic.